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Telecommunications tower, painted white and red in a day of clear blue sky.

Radio Links

A highly scalable, software-driven architecture gives operators total control over their networks, so they can adapt to changing conditions and anticipate future needs.
This solution supports multiple outdoor units (ODUs) with built-in traffic routing, add-and-drop, aggregation and concentration, and selectable traffic interfaces, including E1, E3, STM1 and 10/100 Base-T and Gigabit Ethernet.
Liquid Bandwidth supports hybrid high-speed native Ethernet/IP plus TDM traffic over a single radio channel, configurable bandwidth assignment with low latency, built-in Layer 2 operation, service differentiation and Carrier-Grade QoS features.

The frequency band operations range from 400 MHz to 42 Ghz.

The newest wireless Gigabit Ethernet transmission devices are the highest performance 70/80 GHz gigabit radio in the world. The advanced technology delivers industry leading output power and receiver sensitivity, which coupled with forward error correction delivers more than 3-times improvement in link budget over all competing millimeter wave products.

Exceptional low power consumption and efficient heatsink design insures that a link will have extremely high reliability or MTBF. Furthermore, with its small size and low weight, site demands for power, tower loading, and space are significantly lower. Altogether, ongoing operational costs and maintenance are greatly reduced for minimal lifetime OPEX.

Fiber Optic cables connected to an optic ports and Network cables connected to ethernet ports

Fiber Optic Networks

Fiber optics netowrks provide reliable access in carriers, utilities, transportation companies, government and military and enterprises world-wide.
The use of wide ranging fiber multiplexer line-up to extend over single mode (SM) or Multimode (MM) fiber for distance of hundreds of chilometers. Equipment provided Increase uptime with wide-range redundant power supplies and hot-swappable redundant uplink.
Reduce footprint and costs can be achieved at central location with transparent or grooming/cross connect aggregation units. Solutions for both fiber and copper at remote location for mixed infrastructure are also available.

SDH or MPLS-based multiservice systems with integrated data aware features provide multiprotocol aggregation and cross connect functionality.

Scalable optical systems for metro core and backbone applications, supporting add/drop multiplexer, broad- and wideband SDH and L2 switching functionalities from ring to meshed topologies, based on ASON / GMPLS dynamic control plane.

Gigabit ethernet MAN products that feature extensive routing capabilities, flexible connectivity options and sophisticated management tools.

Core Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing systems designed for long-haul and ultra long-haul optical networking applications. Metro Wavelength Division Multiplexing systems designed for access, metro and regional optical networking applications.

Satellite dish telecom tower at sunset

Mobile Radio

The DMR standard allows for two channels of independent and contemporary on a single radio channel. Maintaining the frequency of concessions and originating in the same sites via the DMR can double the traffic and have a multitude of messaging services efficient for the government fleet radio.

On the contrary, network architecture of the TETRA radio network is based upon multi-node configurations interconnected to a Wide Area Network using IP standard protocols.
The multi-node configuration provides the most efficient architecture in terms of performances, robustness against multiple failures on the transmission network, easy integration within an existing IT network and capability to interface external software applications to the radio network, quality of service and availability of the radio network required for professional mobile radio users.

New integrated TETRA/LTE Base stations combined the TETRA Communications with an LTE overlay in order to offer to users an intelligent migration to new Critical Communication applications. TETRA will continue to meet public safety and mission critical for the next years or more, while LTE will begin to allow broadband data services.

Offer is completed by Operations Communication and Localization Centers for Police, Agencies, Supervisory Institutions, Commercial Ports, as well as by other typical systems like Maritime Radio, Aeronautical Radio, HF Communications and indoor coverage systems.

berwachung im Alltag

Video Monitoring and Analisys

Structured systems with IP networks provide flexibility, scalability and interoperability otherwise unimaginable. Where before the video was monitored centrally by an operator, it can now be seen and controlled by a larger number of persons physically located in separate places, wherever this network. New lines of cameras include many offerings, available in both analog and IP include box-room, fixed cameras, PTZ dome cameras for indoor and outdoor use. The cameras have a wide range of operational functions including backlight compensation, day/night, wide dynamic low light environments, image stabilization, megapixel versions, dual streaming and PoE.

An innovative security management solution can integrate across any IP network: intruder alarms, perimeter alarm, fire alarms, CCTV, technological alarms. Features of the solution are the extreme modularity and scalability that allow for their use, starting from small installations up to complex systems that require the management of thousands of alarm points.
A software that can process the video from a video surveillance system and to generate real-time alerts concerning events, such as an intrusion, through motion analysis algorithms.
3d render of 6 loudspeakers in a pole

PAGA and Intercom

Designed principally for critical installations, it is also suitable for many industrial or transportation communications requirements.
This system provides the essential control and monitoring system for the PAGA High Integrity Public Address & Alarm System commonly used on Oil & Gas Platforms, Power Stations & Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants & Industrial Complexes, Railway or Metro lines.
The PA/GA system can be divided into one or more zones which can be accessed independently for announcement or alarm broadcasts.
Broadcasts are transmitted through loudspeakers installed throughout the facility. The system permits calls between it and any existing public address system. The system is modular in design and is easily expanded to include remote amplifiers and/or combinations of amplifiers. The area of coverage will be such that calls will be clearly audible in the paged operating areas and their surrounding areas.
Loudspeakers and/or beacon circuits support paging zones where one or more loudspeaker circuits can be grouped into a zone.
The system can interface to other systems such as telephone, radio, or other paging/intercom systems.
Parabolic Antenna

Other Systems

We offer a complete integration service from planning to implementing simple to complex turnkey solutions for Broadcasting Systems.
Planning and implementation of nationwide television and radio transmitter networks and other broadcast infrastructure, from simple to complex transmitter as well as antenna systems. Renewing and expansion of existing infrastructure to up-to-date technology. Designing and implementation of tailor-made broadcast solutions for containers and shelters. Integration and installation of combiner, filter and antenna systems. Our flexibility and customized solutions even for the most difficult requirements, such as in handling special radiation characteristics or protecting against extreme weather conditions, allow us to supply all services needed to implement a whole and remarkable system.
Satellite Communication services for data transmission are provided to directly connect enterprises and organisation which are located in areas where it is difficult and it is vital to maintain reliable communication.
SCPC, CiC links and share or dedicated TDMA access can be provided with different technologies on different satellite for a complete worldwide coverage. Teleport services offer satellite operators a comprehensive solution to their uplinking, downlinking and tele-housing requirements.
Solar panels and wind turbine against blue sky

Other Systems

Advanced Energy Solutions. Solar power is often the most hassle-free solution. We provide wide range of full photovoltaic systems: from grid connected alternating current to stand-alone direct current systems. Sometimes sites are located in places where wind is constant or present with a certain strenght for long period. In such cases solutions with wind generators are suitable. Sometimes such solutions are combined with the photovoltaic to provide the best solution according to the actual site conditions. In different applications the fuel cell system is currently substituting traditional energy station converting VAC into VDC and providing backup energy.

Entertainment IPTV Systems capture media feed from a satellite connection and require limited subscriber authentication and billing functionality. This systems support satellite fed streaming and then streams the channels to multicast and unicast subscribers.

Non Directional Beacons are simple radio transmitters operating slightly below the AM broadcast band, or in the Long-wave band. A NDB sends out a continuous signal, a “carrier,” which is often modulated with the station’s identification. This code helps the pilots confirm that they are tuned to the right frequency.